AgroAmerica won the award for “best sustainable oil supplier of the year” given by a recognized soap company in the US, and it was announced at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Warwick Providence, during the awards ceremony.

“Congratulations to AgroAmerica’s team, who works so hard to provide sustainable palm oil to Bradford,” said the company buyer at the awards ceremony.

AgroAmerica was awarded the prize, mainly for its Rainforest Alliance certification; which certifies that goods and services are produced in compliance with strict guidelines protecting the environment, wildlife, workers, and local communities. This certification verifies that products grown using environmentally responsible practices: such as soil and water conservation, fair labor practices are utilized, and there are good community relations.

“We are proud of this recognition and committed to continue producing and distributing sustainable vegetable oils,” said Fernando Bolaños, AgroAmerica’s CEO.

This was the first event held by the soap company to reward its suppliers. Other categories who received recognitions were packing suppliers, conventional oil suppliers, chemical suppliers and logistics providers.