The Managers’ Association of Guatemala holds the annual “Manager of the Year” event. This year Gustavo Bolaños was recognized with the award in the category of Global Management for his outstanding management in AgroAmerica, a company that currently has operations in Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador and Peru.

In his acceptance speech, Bolaños thanked God, his family and all of the people that work at AgroAmerica. He explained that he was proud of the development of the company, not only in matters of profit but also for its commitment to the improvement of the country: “AgroAmerica is dedicated to the export of high quality products in a way that is committed to sustainability, the development of the communities that surround us and the care for natural resources”. The management team of AgroAmerica joined him in the delivery of the recognition and were able to celebrate the achievement with Bolaños.

During the gala, it was shown how AgroAmerica has turned into a successful company, not only for its profitability and productivity, but also for its commitment to social responsibility and certifications that allow it to operate with global standards and to differentiate on the world market; all of this makes AgroAmerica a sustainable and suitable company to obtain the recognition of Global Expansion.